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Benefits of Physical Exercise

Benefits of Physical Exercise

Exercise means any physical activity to improve or maintain physical fitness and make ourselves active. Physical exercise can be performed for various purposes, such as weight loss, promoting height, aiding growth, enhancing strength, getting an attractive look, developing muscles, and strengthening the immune system. The amount of exercise depends upon the type of exercise, aim, and health of a person. Physical exercise involves almost the movement of all limbs of our body. The exercise combines workouts to become healthy, smart, and active.


There are many types of exercise but physical exercise can be organized into three main categories.                    

Aerobic Exercise

Aerobic Exercise

It can be defined as a type of exercise in which almost all the muscles of our body tend to move, and our body uses much oxygen supply. We continue to move all our muscles for a specific period. We mostly do this exercise to increase our stamina. Moreover, we can produce much patience from this. Examples of aerobic exercise involve swimming, cycling, dancing, running, hiking, skipping rope, and playing tennis.

Anaerobic Exercise

We do this type of exercise to increase our strength to a large extent, to increase muscle size, to enhance our beauty, and also to make our bones stronger. This exercise involves push-ups, chin-ups, weight lifting, and high-intensity exercises that enlarge our muscles and increase bone density, balance, and coordination.

Flexibility Exercises

This exercise is done to improve the flexibility of our body to get peace of mind. It is a practice to strengthen our focus on something and to enhance joint flexibility. As a result, we can improve the range of motion of our limbs. In this way, the chances of getting injuries reduce to a large extent. The most common form of this exercise is Yoga, but it also contains some other types of exercise.  


The specific points between these types

There is a common point between all these types that we must have to take the proper diet which contains almost all contents, such as lipids, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, etc. But if we try to do heavy physical exercise without taking sufficient food, Then it will damage our bodies.

Effects of Physical Exercise on Health 


Exercise has a positive effect on our immune system. It makes our immune system stronger. According to science and technology, moderate exercise can decrease several diseases by up to 29%. In addition, it protects from upper respiratory tract infections(URTI) and many other breathing problems.

Cardiovascular System                                                                                                           

 The beneficial effect of exercise on the cardiovascular system is well documented. There is a direct correlation between physical inactivity and cardiovascular disease. Less activity will produce cardiovascular diseases. When we eat oily products or products with high protein content, these fats narrow our arteries and veins and offer high resistance to the free flow of our blood, and blood supply to the body becomes unequal. It may form blood clots that block our veins and cause a severe heart attack. But if we exercise daily, our diet will be properly digested and provide maximum energy. Moreover, blood circulation will remain normal, and the chances of heart attack will decrease.



Physical exercise is also a source of getting fitness. Most people increase their fitness by increasing their physical activity. Some people go to the gym to enhance their muscle size and improve their looks. An athlete will always be healthier than a common person. An athlete always has more stamina and fitness and is more active than any other person. Because he is an athlete and performs much better than a person who always remains free. Moreover, he will never feel pain in his muscles or joints because he has become habitual of it.


Today, many medical reviews indicate that physical exercise has a persistent antidepressant effect in humans. The 2013 Cochrane Collaboration review on physical activity for depression noted that, based upon limited evidence, it is far better than antidepressant drugs because drugs are also harmful to the human body due to their bad effects. One systematic review noted that Yoga might effectively alleviate symptoms of parental depression. People of Japan are habitual of Yoga because they firmly believe it is a source of peace of mind for them.


Much evidence from a 2012 review indicated that physical training for up to 4 months could enhance sleep quality in adults of age 40 years or above. A study in 2010 stated that it could increase the sleep quality in every organism depending upon the type of their activities. Insomnia is becoming a common disorder, but according to the latest analysis, it can improve sleep quality in people with insomnia.

Respiratory System 

Exercise also has good effects on the human respiratory system. People who participate in physical activities such as running, playing cricket, hockey, or football must have more stamina. They learn how to bear the crucial situation. Moreover, they already have exposure to different environments, so they become habitual, and their respiratory system becomes stronger and greatly resists any change.


A disease in which a person’s blood pressure exceeds the normal value. It is a severe disease and, if not treated, may cause death. Tensions mainly cause it. According to the medical sciences, exercise like Yoga is a source of peace of mind. When someone performs it, he feels pleasure, and his tension vanishes. Due to this, its blood pressure remains normal. In this way, exercise plays an important role in blood pressure maintenance. 

Diabetes Mellitus

A disease in which a person’s sugar level exceeds the normal limit. It is due to the malfunctioning of the liver. Because it cannot produce enough insulin, this lack of insulin causes Diabetes Mellitus. In the modern age, it has been proved that daily physical exercise activates our liver and optimizes it to produce enough insulin. In this way, it is also a source through which we can cure this disease.

Prevent Food Poisoning

When we eat food, we must walk for a few minutes. It will be beneficial to our stomach because it will help in the digestion process. And as a result, all the energy from the food will be utilized. On the other hand, lying down after eating causes food poisoning, and we feel a burning sensation in our chest. Therefore, nowadays, doctors advise patients to exercise daily(walk) after a meal. And we must sit in an upward direction for 40-45 minutes to avoid acidity.

Prevent Cancer

Exercise also prevents our body from blood cancer, known as coleanimia. So if we like to have physical exercise daily, it will prevent our body and blood from cancer, and it also has been proven in the language of science.

Promotes Growth

People with stunted growth must do some exercise daily. It will promote their body growth because of the appropriate movement of all body parts. It will activate their growth hormones, and their growth will be speeded up. When they perform different movements, their muscles contract and spread differently; hence, their growth becomes fast.

Weight loss: If someone is fed up with his fatty body, then he will not only pay attention to the medical treatment but also pay attention to physical exercise. Because medicines must have a bad effect on the body, on the other hand, physical activity has no bad impact because it will also provide many nutrients to the body along with a decrease in the fat layer of the body.

Make Active

When we get up early in the morning and exercise. It refreshes our minds, and our laziness vanishes. After this, we eat breakfast and go to our schools, colleges, universities, and jobs. It has a long-lasting effect on us and keeps us active throughout the day. But it is quite different for a person who is not habitual of it. He could have done his task better. 


Comfortable Sleep 

Physical exercise is also a source of restful sleep. When we have moderate exercise daily, it makes us sleepy. Even if someone is suffering from anemia, it will help him to eradicate this disease and provide him with a peaceful sleep.

Mechanism of effects: 

Skeletal Muscle

Nowadays, the exercise of skeletal muscles is very common in teenagers. They include heavy workouts in their timetable and always like to enhance their muscles by joining gyms. Due to the heavy gym, their small muscle fibers begin to break. During this process development of new muscle fibers form, and stronger muscles are developed, which are bigger. In this way, they molt their body according to their taste.  


Other Sources

Physical Exercise

There are also some different ways; for example, skipping, swimming, running, playing football, hockey, or cricket are some other examples of this process. Through these sports, our muscles can be enhanced but very minorly. Anyhow, these sports strengthen them very much. These sports are better than the heavy gym because they make men fit along with their body shape, but the life of a person who is habitual of the gym is very difficult because they have to work hard and spend time on it. Moreover, they can not be fit compared to a sportsman, who is habitual in sports.

Sources of exercise:

  • Running
  • Jogging
  • Gym training
  • Playing hockey, cricket, football, and tennis.
  • Rope skipping
  • Hiking
  • Push-ups, chin-ups
  • Yoga
  • Gymnastic
  • Marshal arts etc

Best Time for Physical Exercise

Exercise is very beneficial to the human body as it prevents various diseases and is also a source of peace and pleasure. But there is a specific time for exercise. At this time, it is more beneficial, and there are many conditions when we have to avoid heavy exercise or any exercise. Morning is the best time for exercise. We should do mild exercise in the morning, as it makes us ready for the daily work. And if we want to do heavy exercise like weight lifting then, the time between 2 p.m and 6 p.m. Is best. Because at this time, the body’s temperature is at its highest and is ready for heavy exercise. Moreover, early to bed and early rise is good for health. So, we must get up early in the morning. 

The Time to Avoid Exercise

We must avoid taking exercise after eating food. We can walk here and there slowly for the easy digestion of food but not run. Doing heavy exercise after eating food can create many health problems for us. So, we should avoid this act. Besides this, we can take exercise at any time, but some researchers suggest that we should stop exercising 90 minutes before going to bed. This time allows the heart rate to slow and the body temperature to return to normal.


Top 10 Benefits of Physical Exercise

Benefits of Physical Exercise


There are numerious benefits of  physical exercise here we are listing 10 of them 

  • Improve our memory and brain functions
  • Helps in weight management
  • Reduce anxiety and depression
  • Combat the cancer 
  • Protect against many chronic diseases 
  • Control cholesterol level
  • Control blood pressure 
  • Strengthen the bones    
  • Promotes the growth of the children
  • Keep active all the day

Example of Fitness Due to Exercise

Sportsman VS Common Person

Physical exercise is very important for every person. We can understand this by observing the life of a sportsman. A sportsman has more stamina than any other person because most of his time passes in sports, and sports are also a type of exercise. Moreover, he remains more active throughout the whole day. He can work hard without feeling tired because he is habitual of it.

Moreover, he is safer than others and has more immunity against diseases. Mostly, we can see an athlete remain fit and healthy even after 55 years. On the other hand, a common person mostly falls prey to diseases just after 55 years. So, it is enough to distinguish between them.


Physical exercise is necessary for every person of every age because it has many benefits. We can conclude it step by step when a person becomes habitual of exercise in the morning:

  1. He gets up early in the morning, which is also a good habit.
  2. When he does exercise, he feels hungry and eats breakfast well.
  3. He becomes active as he exercises, and every part of his body takes part in it.

Overall, he comes out from his sleepy condition completely. When he goes to school, college, university, or job, he remains active throughout the day and performs his task well. He will take full interest in his work and pay attention to his goal. Due to his hard work, he will get successful in that field of life. In this way, it indirectly links a person’s attention. Moreover, it is also effective in the treatment of many diseases. So, we should take exercise daily.


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