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Can You Live Without A Thyroid?

The short answer is yes. It is possible to live long life spans without thyroid (or having the thyroid being under-active) when they are taking thyroid medication to counteract the deficiency of thyroid hormones within their bodies.

People can be in a state of no thyroid hormones over a prolonged time period, but they’ll experience symptoms that affect their level of living. The deficiency of thyroid hormones may increase the risk of developing other health issues which reduce your life span including obesity and heart disease.

Can You Live Without A Thyroid

Myxedema and coma as well as death are the most severe outcomes of having no thyroid hormone within your body. Myxedema is a term used for extreme hypothyroidism. It coma can be described as an uncommon, life-threatening disorder due to long-term hypothyroidism. If untreated hypothyroidism, regardless of the cause, can result in myxedema-related coma.

Justifications for Thyroid Surgery

The presence of tumors or nodules in the thyroid gland are the primary cause for surgical thyroidectomy. The majority of thyroid nodules are harmless, however certain are precancerous or malignant.

Nodules that appear benign can cause problems if they become in size that they restrict the throat or cause the thyroid to produce excessive amounts of hormones (a condition known as hyperthyroidism).

The condition can treats surgically. Graves” disease, an immune-mediated condition, is typically the root cause of hyperthyroidism.

Graves’ disease causes the body to believe that the thyroid gland as an alien body and attack it by releasing antibodies. These antibodies can cause irritation to the thyroid gland, which causes it to over-produce hormones.

Thyroid Surgery Types

Thyroid surgery is available in many kinds. Partially thyroidectomy, lobectomy or total thyroidectomy is among the commonly uses.

But, before this occurs, you’ll start to observe other signs of your thyroid not functioning well. Many people suffer for a long time without realizing that they’ve got an inactive thyroid. At some point, symptoms begin to show which prompt people to seek medical care.

Another reason to undergo thyroid surgery is the swelling of the thyroid gland or hypertrophy. This is known as goitre. Goiters, as well as large nodules, may obstruct the throat, making swallowing, speaking and breathing difficult.


Can You Live Without A Thyroid


An inflammation, nodule or swelling could affect just one 50% of thyroid gland. If this occurs the doctor will take out one of the two lobes. The lobe left behind will be able perform one or all the functions.

Total thyroidectomy

A partial thyroidectomy eliminates the thyroid gland, leaving some thyroid tissue. A portion of the thyroid’s function is retained because of this.

Many who undergo the procedure have hypothyroidism. This is a condition that occurs where the thyroid does create enough hormones. The problem is treated with hormone supplements every day.

Total thyroidectomy

A total thyroidectomy is the elimination of the entire thyroid and the thyroid tissue. If nodules, edoema or inflammation are found to be affecting the entire thyroid gland or if malignancy is detected it is recommended to undergo this procedure ” “Why do some people lack a thyroid?””

There is a chance that you’re lacking your thyroid gland due to many reasons. The most frequent are:

Thyroid cancer treatment. It is often a matter of the removal of all or part of thyroid gland.

Nodules in the thyroid or an increased thyroid can require surgery. Goitres, or an excessive growth in the thyroid could also require removal.


It is mostly due to the growth affecting breath or swallowing. A thyroid that enlarge can remove for cosmetic reasons in rare instances.

A poisonous nodule can describes as a thyroid growth that produces hormones. The condition is known as hyperthyroidism in those with a poisonous nodule, goitre, as well as Graves the disease. It occurs when the thyroid produces an excess volume of hormone called thyroid. The thyroid gland removes to treat this type of hyperthyroidism.

Very few people are born with no thyroid gland. It is possible to be born with an unformed thyroid. The medical term for this is congenital hypothyroidism term use to describe this disease

Where Can I Receive The Greatest Post-Treatment Hormone Care?

If you’re planning to stay on thyroid medication for a prolonged period it’s essential that you have these drugs recommended by a doctor who understands how to prepare you to be successful. The most common thyroid medications can purchase at any general physician but it’s difficult to determine the right dosage and hormone mixture for every individual. The doctors may not have require experience to understand the more complicated requirements of those who have undergone continuous thyroid therapy. In this case you must think about visiting a doctor right away.

The best hormone health professionals equip with the knowledge and skills to constantly monitor and measure you thyroid level. They’ll collaborate with you to adjust dosages and medication as required over time to keep your symptoms under control.

Can You Live Without A Thyroid

Other Thyroid Enhancement Options

Do you have any additional suggestions that you could do in order to enhance the function of your thyroid after you’ve had you thyroid surgically removed?

If you’re looking for an effective long-term solution to your thyroid condition, you can use these symptoms as a beginning point to begin your research. Talk to a qualified medical professional to determine if thyroidectomy or radioactive iodine is the most effective option that your body needs. You can be assured that you are able to live with no thyroid with the help by regular replacement hormone medications.

Perhaps the answer is:

Even if you don’t possess an thyroid gland in your body, it requires vitamins and essential nutrients to function correctly.

Even if you don’t possess thyroid glands, essential minerals like iodine remain important!

The thyroid gland is the one that stores the majority of Iodine within your body, the other cells of your body require iodine too.

Additionally, we’re discovering that lifestyle and nutrition can contribute to improving the overall health. Selecting a doctor who is able to provide holistic treatment that is based upon the most current research will ensure you stand the best chance of healing from thyroid issues and enhancing your overall health.


In addition, minerals like zinc and selenium can assist with the process of converting T4 into T3 within your body.

This is the case even if you’re unable to produce thyroid hormone by yourself and you are taking thyroid medication orally.

When you are taking supplements, the goal is to ensure that you get the correct quantity of nutrients essential to ensure that your thyroid functions as efficiently as it can.

Even slight deficiencies in these nutrients may interfere with thyroid function and lead to symptoms.

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