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How Much Weight Loss Causes Loose Skin?

When people lose a lot of weight, loose or “saggy” skin is a common side effect. More than 70% of people who have surgery to lose weight feel this way. Even though this is very common, it does cause its own set of problems. So, How Much Weight Loss Causes Loose Skin?

Loose skin can hurt because it can pull at or rub against you, irritating your skin. It can also wear you down mentally and make you feel bad about yourself. Extra skin can even make exercising or doing other physical things hard. So, losing weight makes people want to exercise, but loose skin isn’t exactly a good thing.

What Makes Skin Loose After You Lose Weight?

Elastin and collagen are two essential proteins that make up your skin. They give your skin its firm look, strength, and elasticity. When you gain weight or multiply, the fibers in collagen and elastin help your skin stretch without tearing.

Weight gain and getting older can make these protein fibers weaker and more likely to break. When a lot of weight is lost, it’s hard for the collagen and elastin fibers to return to how they were before the weight gain. That often happens when a person loses weight quickly because the fibers shrink and contract too soon.

That is why people who lose a lot of weight end up with loose or extra skin. Over time, the fibers get weaker, and the skin can’t shrink like it used to. Also, younger skin can bounce back better, so your age can also be a significant factor in getting loose skin.

How Much Weight Loss Causes Loose Skin?

Also, the protein fibers in your skin will become more stretched out as you gain weight. While you are overweight, these fibers will stretch and change, making it harder for the stretched skin fibers to go back to their original length.

How Much Weight Loss Makes Skin Hang Loose?

Usually, this is different for each person. But most people don’t get loose skin when they lose less than 20 pounds. But if you lose a lot of weight, like 50 pounds or more, in a short time, you are much more likely to have loose skin. How much weight loss makes your skin flexible depends on your genes and age.

For example, some studies have shown that people of Caucasian descent show signs of aging skin earlier than people of other ethnicities and are more likely to have their skin sagging.

Can Loose Skin Be Prevented?

Most people don’t have to worry about their health worsening because of loose skin. It’s a natural part of losing a lot of weight, which is something to be proud of. But for some people, loose skin could be painful or make them feel bad about their bodies, which could lower their self-esteem. Loose skin can also get irritated or even get an infection.

The best way to get rid of loose skin is to keep your muscles in good shape, increase your percentage of lean muscle mass, and make your skin look tight. If you lose fat cells and muscle mass simultaneously, your skin may look like it’s getting looser. Few ways you can make it less likely that your skin will get loose:

Stop losing weight

Slow weight loss is also better for your health in the long run. In the beginning, try to lose no more than one to five pounds weekly.

Don’t do things that can hurt your skin

The structure and function of the skin can be changed by long-term and repeated exposure to things like UV rays from the sun. Skin that is getting old can look dry and wrinkled, and it is more likely to sag.

Drink enough water

Getting enough water is essential not only to keep your body healthy and hydrated but also to keep your skin elastic and moist. A study found that drinking more water helped normal skin function, especially in people who hadn’t been drinking much water before.

Include some exercise

Exercise is a great way to stay in shape, but it can also make your skin more flexible. Add some resistance and weight exercises to your cardio workouts to keep and build lean muscle and make your skin look less saggy.

Eat a balanced diet or take supplements to get the proper nutrients

Free radicals are destructive to your skin and can damage collagen and elastin. To fight this, eat a lot of Vitamins C, E, and A and many antioxidants. Omega-3 in fish oil has also been shown to have many benefits, such as making skin more flexible.

Make sure to eat foods like bone broth, fish without skin, chicken, eggs, leafy greens, and fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C that are high in collagen or help the body make collagen. You can also think about taking collagen pills.

Factors That Cause Loose Skin

How much loose skin you have after losing weight depends on you and your body. Your skin’s elasticity can be changed by several things and even change throughout your life. Some people have loose skin that may need surgery to fix, but others may not have any loose skin at all, even after losing a lot of fat.

How To Fix Sagging Skin After Losing Weight

When you lose weight, you might have more loose skin than superficial changes to your lifestyle can fix. But you can improve the quality of your skin and how you look as a whole by doing some things at home and working with a doctor.

Even though they won’t get rid of your saggy skin, they can be great additions to your daily routine.


Regular exercise and strength training can keep the weight off, get in shape, and build up healthy muscle mass. When you lose fat, your skin may sag a little bit. Building new muscles can help fill out that skin. Getting rid of fat and replacing it with lean muscle can help your health and make you look and feel better.

How Much Weight Loss Causes Loose Skin?

Compression clothing and other forms of therapy

If you don’t have a lot of loose skin but it still rubs or irritates you, wearing compression clothing can help. Compression tops, stockings, and shorts can hold loose skin in place and make skin-to-skin contact less likely to cause rubbing, itching, and irritation.

Even though compression clothing won’t make loose skin go away, it can help make the side effects less painful. Other non-surgical treatment options include creams that help lift, tone, and tighten the skin, and micro needling, which involves making small holes to help collagen build up and tighten the skin overall.

 Treatment with radio waves

Radiofrequency treatment, also known as RF treatment, is a way to treat loose skin without surgery. It uses heat from an alternating current with a high frequency to make collagen. People like RF treatment because there is no downtime and no scars. You might also see an improvement in the tone and firmness of your skin. But just because more and more people are getting the treatment doesn’t mean you should schedule one immediately. Before agreeing to the treatment, talk to a doctor, and choose a certified provider who uses an FDA-approved device.

 Surgery to shape the body

A surgeon can do body contouring surgery on you if you have too much loose skin or if it hurts your quality of life. During this surgery, the surgeon will remove extra skin from the body and help shape the remaining tissue to make it look smooth. Check with your doctor if you want to set up a consultation for a body contouring surgery. A tummy tuck, a lower body lift, an arm lift, a buttocks lift, or a breast lift are all types of surgery.

If you gain or lose weight again after having body contouring surgery, your skin will still sag. Also, it is often done in stages and can take months or even years to finish. This type of surgery also comes with many risks and possible complications, so it’s best to try all your other options before turning to this one.

Final Verdict

How Much Weight Loss Causes Loose Skin? When you lose a lot of weight, you often end up with loose skin. There are ways to make it less likely that your skin will get loose, but loose skin is normal and usually won’t bother you.

Still, loose skin can make life hard for some people. Their skin health can be improved in several ways, both naturally and through surgery.

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