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Popular Diet Concepts That Are Wrong

There are some misconceptions about losing fats. Here are the rights and wrongs about losing fats, and popular diet concepts,

Popular diet concepts

Calories are the most misunderstood topic by the general public.
 Foods and their properties trigger the hormones inside your body. So, we should choose the food wisely.
Some foods trigger fat gaining hormones and some trigger fat-burning hormones.
If you are taking 1,200 calories per day and still eating something that is causing your fat gain hormones you won’t be losing any fats.
 You are eating 2,000 calories per day and all your foods are the ones that trigger fat loss hormones you will lose fats.
That’s why you are never able to lose any fats by just counting calories because you never know what is the property and biochemistry of that food item and how it is going to behave when it’s inside your body.
A packaged juice has hardly 120 calories yet the amount of sugar in it is so high that it can trigger your fat gaining hormones (insulin) for the next 24 hours. So, your body won’t be losing any fats.

Corrections of popular diet concepts:

Calories are a unit of Heat. So, the amount of energy released when food is broken down in the body.
If you are looking at labels of food and just finding fewer calorie foods. In fact, you may end up eating calories that aren’t even utilized by the body. There is no point in eating fewer calories if the body is not going to utilize (burn) them.
There are thousands of applications available that help you count calories. However, some are accurate some are not.
It won’t help 90% of the people since they are just counting calories and eating foods that trigger fat gain hormones in the body.

Role of Metabolism in Losing Fats

An average human with a fast metabolism and very healthy and stable hormones can only lose 4 kg of fats per month.
Weight Loss and Fat Loss are different terms.;
 Losing fats you will get permanent weight loss.
And your body structure will change.;
If you are only losing water weight and muscle mass (by doing strict diets) you will gain it back again and it is known as temporary Weight Loss.
With a healthy diet and workout routine, you can achieve your maximum potential of fat loss which is 4 kg per month

The More You Work out The More You Lose Fats

Workout duration and routine should be set according to your body type.
If you are a beginner and following an advanced workout routine you will put your body under stress.
There are several types of workouts and they give different results. 
If you are doing intense workouts more than your body requires you are triggering stress hormones in the body.
Cortisol (stress hormones) is a fat gain hormone.

Detox food

Your Liver and Kidneys can detox 500 times better than any detox drink.
Detox drinks have no link with fat loss. However, it’s good to consume.
Fat loss happens when fat loss hormones are triggered in the body. Detox drinks have no such properties.
 The detox drinks are good for your health generally since they contain healthy ingredients but if you are taking detox drinks in hopes that you will lose fats. You are wasting your time.

Reducing Portion Size

Reducing portion sizes and eating everything will just make you weak over time and can cause weight stuck.
Because after losing all the water weight you won’t be losing any fats.
If your meals are not balanced your metabolism slows down.
In case you are eating foods that raise your blood sugar levels even in small quantities you can’t lose fats.
Reducing portion sizes can only help you if your meals are balanced and you are eating healthy diet food.

Eating Less makes you Lose Fats

Eating less slows down your metabolism.
A body with slow metabolism loses its ability to convert food into energy.
In short, what you eat will be converted into fats and the existing fats will never be able to leave your body.
 Consuming Less Will Cause Nutritional Deficiencies.
When the body doesn’t get adequate Nutritional content from Diet you will experience severe side effects including weight stuck.

Medical Condition in Diet

Medical Conditions can be managed with the Diet. You can’t treat any medical conditions without the Help of a Diet.
‘Managing and curing a disease’ are two different terms.
You can manage your medical conditions by adding or removing some particular food groups. But you can’t cure it by just eating some particular food.
Trying to do that will just make your condition worse and waste your resources as well.

Eating Fats Cues Fat Gain

Healthy fats are the basic requirements of your body. So, lack of Healthy Fats in Diet will have the following side effects:
Hormonal issues
(Disturbed hormones cause fat gain)
Poor skin and Hair Health
You won’t feel full after eating a meal.
Increase Bad Cholesterol Levels
High Blood Pressure
– Only eliminate unhealthy Fats from your diet because they can cause health issues.

Avoiding White Sugars only

All kind of refined products contains sugars, so we should avoid refined products.
Packaged products, bakery products are high in sugars, so one should avoid bakery products.
Sauces, Drinks, Juices contain a high amount of sugars.
In the presence of sugars, your body can’t lose fats. So, one should avoid sugar if one wants to cut fats.
All refined carbs are converted into sugars when the inside body.
High GI foods are also high in sugars.

Carbs Cause Weight Gain

Only Refined carbs cause you to gain weight. So, they raise your insulin levels and your body can’t burn any fats in that state.
 The refined carbs cause you to retain water. So, once your body starts to store extra water your weight scale shows you rapid weight gain in just a few hours or days.
All complex carbs are good for you and if eaten properly they won’t cause any weight gain.
Carbs are the primary source of energy. Without them, you will feel weak and lethargic all day and experience brain fog.
Although diet plays an important role when we want to lose weight. There are many popular diet concepts. But we need to choose the diet plan wisely.  However, there are many diet plans available on the internet. But we should follow according to our BMI. In fact, many nutritionists are there to help people maintain their body weight. But public awareness is needed about popular diet concepts. So, we can stay healthy and fit.

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