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Why You Don’t See Results From Your Workouts or Diet

Why You Don’t See Results From Your Workouts or Diet? Here, in this article, you will find out all the reasons for not getting results from your exercise or diet.
1- Strict Diets
If you are following a strict diet or FAD diet. The question is Why You Don’t See Results From Your Workouts or Diet? Actually, it slows down your metabolism and your body won’t be able to convert food into energy it will start converting the food into fats and store it in your body. The most common side effects of a strict diet are feeling weak, severe hair fall, poor skin, weight stuck, feeling hungry, and several other medical conditions. Specifically, your poor health conditions will force you to leave diet and you will get zero results.
2- Useless Workouts
your workout will show no result if your set workout is not according to your body type. and your weight will become stagnant. However, it is very important to do a workout according to your body’s needs and never put your body under stress. If you are overdoing workouts your body will stop responding to it and your weight will get stuck.
3- Unrealistic Goals
If you have unrealistic goals, you can never achieve your dream body. Every single person has a different body type and different body functions including the rate of metabolism and different levels of hormones. The results are also different when it comes to diets and workouts.
4- Following A Random Diet
One Size Doesn’t Fit All. If you are randomly following a diet that you have seen somewhere on the internet or your friend suggested. It won’t give you 100% results.
Age, height, weight, gender, body fat percentage, physical activity level, etc is different for each individual. According to the weight and body condition, the diet needs to change.
5- Counting Calories
Counting calories is not going to help you. A burger can have 500 calories and a salad bowl can also have 500 calories. Here, a large amount of calories from the burger is going to get stored in the body as fats and the calories from the salad will be utilized by the body and won’t be stored as fats. Although every food item has a different chemistry and behaves differently when it’s inside your body.
6- Short Duration Diets

If you are doing a diet for a few days and losing a few kgs with it. It is going to come back rapidly in the next few days. Because the fat loss takes time. The few kgs you are losing in a short duration are just the water weight and muscle mass which will come back once you are off the diet. For permanent results, you have to focus on the long-duration of diets that ensures fat loss entirely.

7- Eating Refined Foods
Refined foods have the same effect as white sugars. So if you are eating refined foods and considering that you will lose weight. You are wrong. Truly white rice is a perfect example of refined foods. Although, people frequently use it in weight loss diets. Considering it to be a healthy option and thus they compromise their results
8- Medical Conditions
If you have medical conditions you can never get results from diets and workouts. Only a healthy body can lose weight. Firstly you need to get your tests done and find the root cause behind your weight issues. However, if you will not make yourself medically fit you will struggle all your life for your dream body

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